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Real California Milk and Cheese3-A-Day

The Azores are a group of nine islands. They lie between eight and nine hundred miles west of Portugal in the North Atlantic Ocean.

In the Village of Larale, on the island of Sao Jorge, the widow Isabel Fagundes made a living for herself and six children by buying milk from the local dairymen and making cheese. The cheese was exported to Portugal which sold for a good price.

Her son John was the first of this family to leave and come to America in 1886. John II was born in Providence, R.I. in 1892, and moved to California in 1909.

John II bought the home ranch and established a dairy farm in 1916, where the Fagundes Family's Dairy is today.

In 1999, after a visit back to Lorale, Sao Jorge Island, and with the help of some good Portuguese people in and from Sao Jorge, the Fagundes Family re-established a farmstead cheese making business. In January 2000, the Fagundes Family released their first "vintage" hand-made cheese, the "St. John," a mild Portuguese-style but purely California-original aged cheese.

Our "St. Jorge" is a Portuguese-style cheese with a very sharp natural flavor Our "Farmhouse Cheddar" is made with Old-World Tradition.

Our very special "Hanford Jack," is unique with it’s pleasing flavor and smooth texture. Try our exclusively flavored San Joaquin (roasted garlic, bell pepper, & cilantro flavored), and Santa Fe (cayenne pepper, cumin & roasted garlic flavored), or our Jalapeno(mild) cheese & our Hanford Jack Smoked.